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Development of a system architecture enabling a dynamic generation of process chains for Production as a Service

Verfasser: Jesko Hermann, Pascal Rübel, Martin Ruskowski

Method for the development of an Asset Administration Shell in a product-driven modular production – realizing an active digital object memory

Verfasser: Max Birtel, William Motsch, Jens Popper, Martin Ruskowski


A generic product and resource description to enable capability matchmaking for Production as a Service

Verfasser: Jeske Hermann, Pascal Rübel, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski


Production Bots für Production Level 4: Skill-basierte Systeme für die Produktion der Zukunft

Verfasser: Arnold Herget, Martin Ruskowski, Jesko Hermann, William Motsch, Parsha Pahlevannejad, Aleksandr Sidorenko, Simon Bergweiler, Alexander David, Christiane Plociennik, Keran Sivalingam, Jens Popper, Achim Wagner


Approach for Dynamic Price-Based Demand Side Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems

Verfasser: William Motsch, Alexander David, Keran Sivalingam, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Architecture Concept for the Integration of Cyber-Physical Transport Modules in modular production environments

Verfasser: Alexander David, Max Birtel, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Considering interdependencies for a dynamic generation of process chains for Production as a Service

Verfasser: Jesko Hermann, Alexander David, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

A CAD feature-based manufacturing approach with OPC UA skills

Verfasser: Magnus Volkmann, Tatjana Legler, Andreas Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Development of a Context-Aware Assistive System for Manual Repair Processes -A Combination of Probabilistic and Deterministic Approaches

Verfasser: Patrick Bertram, Christian Kränzler, Pascal Rübel, Martin Ruskowski

Developing and implementing human-centered information services in a modular production environment

Verfasser: Max Birtel, Martin Ruskowski

A holistic approach for value-added interaction modelling in flexible manufacturing systems

Verfasser: Florian Mohr, Pascal Rübel, Martin Ruskowski