Ausgewählte Publikationen


Simultaneous Production and AGV Scheduling using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

Verfasser: Jens Popper, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski


Dynamic collision avoidance for multiple robotic manipulators based on a non-cooperative multi-agent game

Verfasser: Nigora Gafur, Gajanan Kanagalingam, Martin Ruskowski


Reinforcement Learning-based Scheduling of a Job-Shop Process with Distributedly Controlled Robotic Manipulators for Transport Operations

Verfasser: Simon Jungbluth, Nigora Gafur, Jens Popper, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski


Flatness Based Control of an Industrial Robot Joint Using Secondary Encoders

Verfasser: Jonas Weigand, Nigora Gafur, Martin Ruskowski


Dynamic Collision and Deadlock Avoidance for Multiple Robotic Manipulators

Verfasser: Nicola Gafur, Gajanan Kanagalingam, Martin Ruskowski


Electrical Energy Consumption Interface in Modular Skill-based Production Systems with the Asset Administration Shell

Verfasser: William Motsch, Aleksandr Sidorenko, Alexander David, Pascal Rübel, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Structured Information Processing as Enabler of Versatile, Flexible Manufacturing Concepts

Verfasser: Simon Komesker, Wolfgang Kern, Achim Wagner, Thomas Bauernhansl, Martin Ruskowski

Small Object Detection for Near Real-Time Egocentric Perception in a Manual Assembly Scenario

Verfasser: Hooman Tavakoli, Snehal Walunj, Parsha Pahlevannejad, Christiane Plociennik, Martin Ruskowski

Integration of a feasibility and context check into an OPC UA skill

Verfasser: Magnus Volkmann, Aleksandr Sidorenko, Achim Wagner, Jesko Hermann, Tatjana Legler, Martin Ruskowski


Short-term scheduling of make-and-pack processes in the consumer
goods industry using discrete-time and precedence-based MILP

Verfasser: Christian Klanke, Vassilios Yfantis, Francesc Corominas, Sebastian Engell


Concept for Modeling and Usage of Functionally Described Capabilities and Skills

Verfasser: William Motsch, Kirill Dorofeev, Kathrin Gerber, Sönke Knoch, Alexander David, Martin Ruskowski

Optimal scheduling and non-cooperative distributed model predictive control for multiple robotic manipulators

Verfasser: Nikola Gafur, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski

Towards a Comprehensive Methodology for Modelling Submodels in the Industry 4.0 Asset Administration Shell

Verfasser: Cornelis Bouter, Monireh Pourjafarian, Leon Simar, Robert Wilterdink

Hybrid Data-Driven Modelling for Inverse Control of Hydraulic Excavators

Verfasser: Jonas Weigand, Julian Raible, Nico Zantopp, Ozan Demir, Adrian Trachte, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski


Utilizing Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning For Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Under Sustainable Viewpoints

Verfasser: Jens Popper, William Motsch, Alexander David, Teresa Petzsche, Martin Ruskowski


An OPC UA Model of the Skill Execution Interaction Protocol for the Active Asset Administration Shell

Verfasser: Aleksandr Sidorenko, Magnus Volkmann, William Motsch, Achim Wagner, Martin Ruskowski

Simultaneous Production and AGV Scheduling using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

Verfasser: Jens Popper, Vassilios Yfantis, Martin Ruskowski

Input-to-state stability for system identification with continuous-time Runge–Kutta neural networks

Verfasser: Jonas Weigand, Michael Deflorian, Martin Ruskowski